About Us

PENG Studios is a fashion brand that specializes in minimalist clothing that blends comfort, a contemporary design, and the finest innovative fabrics such as space cotton. Here, you will discover a select collection that never stops growing, designed for those who believe that what you wear should not overpower who you are.

Our Values
Simple. Sustainable. Superior.

Simple: We let go of the eccentric designs and the loud slogans to focus on an elegantly simple minimalist style that subtly complements, accentuates and elevates your look.
Sustainable: At Peng Studios we are constantly coming up with new ways to positively impact people and the planet. That’s why we work together with environmentally-conscious manufacturers, prioritize sustainable materials, reduce the use of plastic and are constantly implementing new and more effective sustainable practices.
Superior: Superior quality, superior shopping experience, superior customer service. From our ever-growing collections featuring exciting and contemporary minimalist apparel to the overall shopping experience and superb customer care that actually makes you feel heard and presents solutions rather than questions, we make sure that each interaction results in a positive experience – remembered for all the right reasons.

Our Mission
Create. Design. Deliver.

Every new PENG shirt, hoodie or blazer starts with a simple idea, an exclusive concept, or an emotion. It’s the starting point of a creative journey that aims to transform the abstract into something tangible that speaks to your personality.
From cut to color, we design, redesign, and design once again until we reach the perfect blend of quality, style, and creativity.
Whether it’s the smooth shopping experience as your browse through our minimalist catalogue and spot that hoodie you’ve been looking for, the happiness you experience as soon as you try it on for the first time, or that special ear-to-ear smile when you gift a PENG Studios’ piece to an equally special person, we don’t just deliver your favorite PENG Studios’ items to your doorstep – we deliver experiences.

Our Vision
Minimalist. Contemporary. Transparent.

PENG Studios’ was launched with a simple vision: to be minimalist, contemporary and, above all, transparent.
Inspired by the belief that your personality and individuality shouldn’t be overpowered or broadcasted by predictable icons or seemingly bold slogans, we decided to take a different approach.
We launched a minimalist and contemporary brand that adds a hint of elegance, simplicity and inviting mystery to your look – drawing people in to discover more, rather than broadcasting everything about you at a glance. A style that lets your personality and individuality take the stage, allowing it to shine through without distractions.
Today, PENG Studios features a select collection of contemporary minimalist apparel carefully created and designed, but we won’t stop there. Looking ahead, we aim to continue to launch new collections, expand our clothing categories, and share this unique, modern minimalist take on fashion with the world.

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