The future of the fashion industry.

PENG is a socially responsible innovative fashion brand. We want to
revolutionize the fashion industry with our unique way of working.
We believe that clothing should be produced and worn in an entirely
different way, using sustainable materials, transparency in the supply
chain and humanity for the people who make our garments.
As an ethical and sustainable fashion brand PENG places massive value on
human beings, the world at large, and manufacturing garments that would
feel as comfortable as being one’s self. After all, there’s nothing more
personal than what you put on your skin, so we take clothing very
During the production of our garments, we ensure that our workers are
provided with the best working conditions, and make sure that toxic
ingredients, toxic dyes or pesticides have no place in our clothes. We use
only environmentally friendly materials and ingredients in the production
of our garments.
Creating PENG is an opportunity for us to manufacture unique, outstanding,
innovative and ethically products while also helping social enterprises tell
their stories, and increase their impact.
Our passion for supporting artisans, quality craftsmanship, and our
commitment to ecological sustainability, makes PENG the ultimate
destination for conscious consumers who want to make the industry and
the world a better place.

Our Mission

We dream of a better world achieved through unique, sustainable,
innovative and responsible clothing and fashion.

Our Values

– We are committed to customer satisfaction and experience.
– We are committed to manufacturing top quality garments.
– We are committed to ensuring that we stay motivated and
dedicated to providing excellent services to our customers.
– We are committed to improvising and adapting when the needs
– We are committed to innovation and excellence.